SKY Courses

“Having practiced yoga for more than 50 years, Thathuvagnani Vethathiri Maharishi has formulated a simple system of yoga that is suitable to all in this modern era. This can be practiced by all family members irrespective of religion, caste or creed. This system of scientific life education is called Simplified Kundalini Yoga (SKY) and comprises of five steps.”

-Thathuvagnani Vethathiri Maharishi

Welcome To SKY Courses

Among all the living creatures in the world, the physical structure and intelligence has reached the pinnacle only in human. Human alone has the capability to attain contentment through the understanding of the secrets of Nature by using the sixth sense. However, due to the lack of proper guidance, instead of achieving enlightenment through the use of the five senses, most get intoxicated by the sensual pleasures and enslave themselves to habitual wrong activities.

Because of these, there is depletion in the stock of life-force, loss of all reasoning and
indulgence in harmful activities. A turning point is required to transform one from the
intoxicated way of life into a life of understanding and good will. Everyone should realize the purpose of life, courses of Nature and fit themselves to a suitable life style to enrich and enhance peace and happiness.

For such transformations, proper methodical physical and psychic practices are necessary. Austere life pattern is also essential. The practice that transforms one in harmony with nature is called Yoga. The guidance of an efficient Guru is very much essential to streamline the unwanted habits deeply imprinted in the mind.