Brahmagnanam or God Consciousness

The intrinsic nature and function of the Unified Force and the waves emanating from it as Magnetism are explained scientifically. The role magnetism the unifying force of the universe and its functions as penetrative consciousness in everything is discussed in great depth.

By this, the unfailing law of Cause and Effect system is realized and guides the practitioner to lead a virtuous way of life. With this holistic perspective and proper training of mind, one is led to respect the laws of Nature and live in harmony with society.

Benefits of Meditation

Improves concentration,develops memory and sharpens intellect.

Withdraws mind from sensory emotions and brings calmness and equanimity resulting in physical and mental well being.

Increases perspicacity, receptivity, creativity,adaptability and magnanimity.

Helps in sublimation of character and finally self goal of human life.