SKY NJ Non-Profit organization is a certifying organization to recognize volunteers with President’s Volunteer Service Award who meets required volunteer hours.

The President’s Volunteer Service Award’s goal is to recognize all those who are performing volunteering service and the importance of volunteers in America. The award acknowledges and decorates those whose volunteer service beneficially impacts communities across the country and inspires others.

Requesting all SKY volunteers (who leads that weekly classes \ foundation courses and introspection courses \ exercise \ Satsang’s \ Daily meditation \ Admin and etc) to get recognition from PVSA Officials. Even you could record your volunteer service hours which you have done with other organization. As long as you have done service with SKY organization as well, we could nominate you if required hours met.

If you are interested to do volunteer service and earn volunteer service records, Please send mail to skynewjersey@gmail.com / reach out Local SKY Center Master In-charge.

SKY NJ total them all volunteer hours(including other organization volunteer hours) for each year (Period time is Apr-Mar) and nominate you to earn President’s Volunteer Service Award if required volunteer hours met.

Invitation to High school & College students

The PVSA award will ultimately highlight your commitment to help communities across the nation. The award will improve your resume for future colleges (for students) and future jobs (for students and public).

SKY NJ is inviting all high school students for volunteering Virtual Kids Yoga Program \ local SKY center services and earn the President’s Volunteer Service Award.

Award Details​

To be awarded the PVSA, the volunteer must be a U.S citizen or Green card (Permanent resident) holder, at least five years old, and achieved eligible volunteer service over the past year and/or lifetime. The service that the volunteer does must be unpaid and beneficial to others.

Volunteer must have done service (atleast 6 hrs) for nominating organization (for SKY NJ) too. 

Required volunteer hours and Award details are here.

Log your Service Record​

Record your volunteer hours here.