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Simplifie Kundalini Yoga (SKY System of meditation)

Among all the living creatures in the world, the physical structure and intelligence has reached the pinnacle only in human. Human alone has the capability to attain contentment through the understanding of the secrets of Nature by using the sixth sense. However, due to the lack of proper guidance, instead of achieving enlightenment through the use of the five senses, most get intoxicated by the sensual pleasures and enslave themselves to habitual wrong activities.

Because of these, there is depletion in the stock of life-force, loss of all reasoning and indulgence in harmful activities. A turning point is required to transform one from the intoxicated way of life into a life of understanding and good will. Everyone shouldrealize the purpose of life, courses of Nature and fit themselves to a suitable life style to enrich and enhance peace and happiness.

For such transformations, proper methodical physical and psychic practices are necessary. Austere life pattern is also essential. The practice that transforms one in harmony with nature is called Yoga. The guidance of an efficient Guru is very much essential to streamline the unwanted habits deeply imprinted in the mind.

“Having practiced yoga for more than 50 years, Thathuvagnani Vethathiri Maharishi has formulated a simple system of yoga that is suitable to all in this modern era. This can be practiced by all family members irrespective of religion, caste or creed. This system of scientific life education is called Simplified Kundalini Yoga (SKY) and comprises of five steps.”

-Thathuvagnani Vethathiri Maharishi

Maintain physical health.

Maintain psychic health by streamlining the mental functions and thought patterns.

Maintain companionship among people of the society by developing harmony and charity.

Purify the Genetic Center which is contaminated by sinful imprints, through beneficially planned practices.

Purify the Genetic Center which is contaminated by sinful imprints, through beneficially planned practices.

Most of our deeds and habits are according to our hereditary imprints. Some of these habits are beneficial whereas some others are harmful. To analyze, understand the virtues and vices with self, retain the virtues and eradicate or change the vices, SKY centers offer introspection courses. Learning and practicing these techniques in day-to-day life bring frictionless and harmonious relationship among all the members in the family and the world. This imparts lasting peace and enduring happiness in one’s life.

Moreover, Nature’s history from Gravity to human mind is imparted as Natural philosophy with scientific explanations. The mind gets expanded to the level of Universe. It releases one from narrow mindedness and brings concern about the world, human community and its glorious life.

One can feel definite changes in a short span of time by practicing SKY teachings. One will acquire a personality that radiates and bubbles with enthusiasm. One can live a life filled with satisfaction, peace and ecstasy. An enlightened world would blossom and flourish.

Names of basic Mediations taught:

Agna Chakra Yoga.

Shanthi Yoga.

Thuriya Yoga.

Thuriatheetha Yoga.

Classes :

Regular group meditation classes are conducted at various location once every week. These classes are conducted to help aspirant develop habit of meditation and clarify any questions one has with a qualified Masters of SKY System. Higher level courses such as Introspection and Brahmagnanam course are conducted once every few months and will be announced during the regular class.

SKY Meditation Center, New Jersey, is an non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to serve the society and to help peace in community. To run the organization we incur administrative cost to conduct regular class, higher level course and to reach out to various people. The organization solely depends on donations from its members to better serve the community. Please be generous enough to help us serve better. All proceeds are tax exempted as per law.

SKY Foundation course (6 weeks course) :$40 Following will be covered

SKY Introduction




Nadi clearance

Thought analysis.

The World Community Service Centre

Thathvagnani Vethathiri Maharishi founded the World Community Service Center in the year 1958. The guiding principle or the goal of this Center is to inculcate Individual Peace spreading to Family Peace and ultimately blossoming to World Peace. About 225 Trusts are affiliated to the World Community Services Center and are serving the society in India and abroad. The system of Yogic practices are taught to all, beyond the barriers of religion, race, creed, nationality, gender etc. Students are trained in this system in a big way for their successful career, happy and peaceful life. This service is rendered by the World Community Service Center through its affiliated Trusts spread far and wide. In 1984, Vethathiri Maharishi Kundalini Yoga and Kaya Kalpa Research Foundation was founded at Aliyar near Pollachi, Tamil Nadu. On behalf of this foundation, a Temple of Consciousness was constructed in Aliya, where Maharishi used to reside and server the humanity with great vision and vigor even in his advanced age. As a unit of this Trust, a spiritual educational wing is also functioning in the name of ‘Vethathiri Maharishi Institute of Spiritual and Intuitional Education (VISION)’. Further, as a wing of the World Community Service Center a Trust know as ‘Brain Trust’, a common platform for intellectuals to work for solutions to fundamental problems facing humanity, also functions from this campus.

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