Simplified Kundalini Yoga

Simplified Kundalini Yoga meditation practice

Disease, old age and death are three major problems which have been engaging the attention of medical scientists for centuries; and in a different manner, the attention of philosophers too. Let us analyse each of these in a systematic and scientific way through Kaya Kalpa Science.

What is Kaya Kalpa? In Sanskrit, the term “Kaya” means “body” and “Kalpa” denotes “immortal”. The Science of Kaya Kalpa delineates the manner in which the human body can be immortalised. Kaya Kalpa Yoga has a threefold objective:

Agna Meditation

Normally the life energy is functioning at ‘Mooladhar Chakra’, the physical centre of our body, located at the lower end of our spinal column. Under this condition, mind works at an emotional level and is unable to come out of unwanted habits. A trained master initiates the student into meditation practice by changing the working centre to ‘Agna Chakra’, the mid-point between the eye brows and focusing the mind on life energy at that point, the mind is given a new and positive direction which brings about reduction in mental frequency from Beta to Alpha level making the mind calm, providing control over senses and developing the power of concentration..

Shanthi Yoga

Generally for any SKY practitioner, after a few days of the initial practice, energy increases in the upper centers may be felt excessively

At this time Shanthi Yoga will be taught in order to balance the excessive flow of energy in the head. Shanthi yoga is also a meditation. Many people tend to ignore its value. It is very important for physical well being. Here one should just observe the life-force at Mooladhara. The practice of ‘Aswani Mudhra’, which is contraction and release of anus, ten to twenty times, will be helpful in getting successful Shanthi Yoga Meditation. One should do concluding blessings from Mooladhara only and need not go up to the Agna Chakra.

Thuriya Meditation

After one month, the aspirant is taught Thuriya Yoga. The Master by his graceful sight passes the Divine Yogic Power through his eyes into the eyes of the aspirant.

Then the Kundalini Shakthi is lifted from Agna Chakra to Thuriya (also called Sahasradara) the crown of the head, giving a very pleasant sensation. In addition to being a blissful sensation, Thuriya meditation will increase spiritual awareness & understanding, if practiced regularly along with Introspection.

In Thuriya meditation or meditation at Crown Chakra, the dormant brain cells are activated resulting in sharpness of intellect, increase of memory and development of will power. Many other meditation practices are given at higher level courses.

Thuriyatheetha Meditation

By the thought-force of the Master the aspirant is taken to the Thuriatheetha State. Here the soul merges into the Absolute State, the Almighty.

This is also called Jeeva-Brahma Aikyam meditation. This is a psychic practice to attain ‘Samadhi’ and leads to God-Realisation. Thuriatheetha meditation, the third stage in SKY, merge your consciousness with Obsolete Universal Being. The birth cycle will come to the end and you will be completely liberated to reach the Eternal Source. Here, the mind shrinks itself from the mind’s four dimensions (volume, force, time and distance), approaching towards Absolute State. It is a state of restful awareness. It is the process of elevating the consciousness towards perfection. When the mind reaches the absolute state by the Thuriatheetha meditation, that itself is Samadhi. When the mind is able to become one the Primordial state of its Own Self, that is realisation of Self and realisation of God.


  • Reduces the mental frequency
  • Enhances awareness
  • Improves intellectual sharpness and understanding
  • Increases the will power and concentration

When to meditate?

There is no particular time and specific direction for doing meditation. Since it is the process of merging the soul with the Absolute, it can be practiced daily at any time and direction. Just as the house wives clean daily the utilized vessels in the kitchen for next day’s use, the same process is to be followed in the case of mind too. The mind should be trained to merge with its source daily, so as to purify the soul. At the beginning when we meditate for ten minutes, even if the mind is stable at least for half a minute, that itself is a great gain for us. Putting more efforts would give better result. The longer the meditation., the stronger becomes our thought, (i.e.), our conscious mind.


This Kundalini Yoga has been systematized and simplified to suit the modern man. One’s personality is the sum total of all his karmas, these karmas should be purified once for all. Thus, we come to a clear concept that peace of mind, intellectual sharpness, duty consciousness are the simultaneous achievements through this SKY system. After surrendering body and consciousness to God and Society, one attains peace which is Called “Perinbam” in Tamil which means Greatest pleasure (i.e.) ecstasy. This happiness and peace will thus be continuous and will not be interrupted by any event. Let all of us try to achieve this valuable treasure which is within us. When man realise the Greatness of his own Self, he reaches the highest peak of consciousness. He is then able to respect the needs and ambitions of others. Such perfection alone will secure .and maintain peace within Self, between individuals and between Nations. Only then all the problems will be solved.

The SKY guides and leads you to attain Spiritual perfection and reach the goal of Self-Realisation. ‘Happiness is never perfect unless it is shared’. So, let us all share this everlasting happiness with one another and may all of us enjoy the Eternal Bliss.