Kaya Kalpa Yoga

Kaya Kalpa Yoga

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A systematic training of mind to bring about tranquility, increased sense of awareness, clarity and strengthening of mind. During the waking state, human mind works at 14-40 cycles/second (cps). At these frequencies the mind is said to be working at beta level. When mind is disturbed by the emotional moods of greed, anger, miserliness, immoral sexual passion, jealousy, vengeance, etc., the mental frequency increases. Decisions taken and actions done at higher frequencies cause pains and miseries to self and others. The lower frequencies are generally reached when one is sleeping. The alpha level of 8-13 cps during dream state, the theta level of 4-7 cps during deep sleep and 1-3 cps during coma state i.e. delta level. In these states, though the mind is at lower frequencies it does not reap the benefit because it is not aware. During different levels of meditation the mind goes to alpha, theta and delta levels. When these levels are reached and the mind is wide awake, there is tremendous effect on mind.

Usually our mind is directed by senses and we act emotionally. So, we get into problems. By sincere practice of this meditation, the senses are controlled by mind and we do our actions with constant awareness of cause and effect system.


  • 1. Withstanding the ageing process;
  • 2. Maintaining health and youthfulness and
  • 3. Postponing one’s death to suit one’s wishes.

In order to understand the science of kaya kalpa, we have to study the functioning of the human system. This comprises mainly

  • a: the physical body
  • b: the mind
  • c: the bio-magnetism
  • d: the life-force and
  • e: the sexual vital fluid. All these are inter-related

When to meditate?

The physical body consists of millions of cells, all held together by polar attraction. The cells are of different categories- there are flesh cells, blood-cells, marrow-cells, bone-cells and so on. Every cell is a laboratory in itself – a complete structure with its own magnetic, electrical and chemical functions. Each cell by bio-magnetic function draws just what it needs from the running system and eliminates what is not required. Every cell can be likened to a mini-city, with its own infrastructure of service-connections, recycling plants and effluent network. As already said, the cells are held together by polar attraction and that is how the body stays in one piece. If this polar attraction were to disappear by the draining of bio-magnetism, what would happen? The cells can no longer be held together and so the body would begin to disintegrate and fall apart.

In and around every cell infinitesimally tiny particles are circulating, each of which keeps rotating about itself. Due to this self-rotation a “centrifugal force” is generated. This particle is called the “life-force”. On account of this self-rotation a “spreading wave” is given rise to, from the life-force and it spreads throughout the body. Collectively this wave is called “bio-magnetism”. This is the main fuel for all the metabolic routines of the physical body. A small portion of this wave is released through the sense-organs – skin, ears, eyes, nose and tongue – after being converted into pressure, sound, light, smell and taste. This spreading wave of the life-force is called “bio-magnetism” or “human-magnetism”. The bio-magnetism is that which maintains the polar attraction between the cells and prevents disintegration of the body.

Role of Bio-Magnetism

A major portion of the bio-magnetism (about 75%) is taken up by the physical body for the purpose of maintaining the metabolic routine – digestion, elimination of waste- products, transporting nutrients to where they are needed, and transforming food into juice, juice into blood, blood into flesh, flesh into fat, fat into bone, bone into marrow and marrow into sexual vital fluid – in that order. In this manner, continuous conversion and manufacture are going on within the body. This is the metabolic routine. All this cannot be done unless there is sufficient intensity in the bio-magnetism. In order to execute all these body-functions, the body must be maintained at a proper temperature and here again it is the intensity of the bio-magnetism that is responsible for this temperature maintenance.

The other portion of the bio-magnetism (the balance 25%) goes to the brain-cells to enable them to feel, understand, compare, calculate, imprint and reflect the experiences and enjoyment. This is called Mind.

If, for some reason, the intensity of the bio-magnetism becomes less, the result is short-supply for the mind. Your level of alertness comes down, your eyelids become heavy and you doze off. During sleep no supply is required for the mental functions. Metabolic routine- breathing, digestion and blood circulation- alone is going on and the intensity of the bio-magnetism picks up gradually. When surplus becomes available for the mental functions, there is automatic reconnection and the mind resumes functioning.

When this bio-magnetism flowing in the body is obstructed at some point, the polarity between the cells is disturbed. Regularly flowing magnetism gets stagnated. It is the nature of the cells to convert the magnetism into electricity. When the stagnated magnetism is electrified it becomes abnormal and cannot be absorbed or tolerated by the surrounding cells. It becomes a short circuit and starts burning the cells. If this short-circuit affects a small area and lasts only for a short time, that experience is “pain”; If it extends in area or duration it is called “Disease”. When the bio-magnetism is wholly exhausted it signifies “Death”.

We have already seen that the cells in the physical body are held together by the bio-magnetism. When the bio-magnetism becomes weak, the cells cannot be held together properly and this is evidenced by fatigue. We are unable to even stand up and we feel like lying down. If this bio-magnetism becomes weaker and weaker, at some point the cells can no longer be held together at all. Therefore, they disintegrate and death is the result. Now we have understood the value of bio-magnetism. Needless to say, If the bio-magnetism has to be increased or intensified, the number or the quantity of the life-force particles has to be stepped up. What is it that retains these life-force particles in the body? It is only the sexual vital fluid. The sexual fluid is like a battery for the life-force. Whatever is the quantity and quality of the sexual vital fluid, that much will be the strength and character of the life-force and bio-magnetism.

Value of Sexual Vital Fluid

Consider what will happen if the sexual vital fluid gets reduced in quantity. The life-force becomes correspondingly less and the bio-magnetism is also depleted. The cells are not able to get supply and so the machinery slows down to start with, and breaks down in due course. Thus, in order to maintain the bio-magnetism adequate life-force particles are necessary; and in order to hold the life-force, the sexual vital fluid should be sufficient. To sum up, in order to maintain the health of the body and the mind, the sexual vital fluid should be adequate as well as quality.
At this point, let me clarify a wrong notion that is quite wide-spread. Most people think that the sexual vital fluid comes into being only after a person attains physical maturity. Actually, the sexual vital fluid is present even in a child. The opening stock comes from the parents and it is being steadily added to. When there is surplus in stock and this surplus has to be eliminated from the body, then only the symptoms of maturity become manifest. At this stage the excess sexual vital fluid descends from the brain through the spinal cord into the sex-gland.

Normally the sexual vital fluid is lost from the body in two ways: (a) evacuation and (b) leakage. When the quantity of the sexual vital fluid increases or if it becomes thin in the sex-gland, it results in a desire to have sex. Thus the health of the body will not be affected only as long as it is ensured that it is the excess sexual vital fluid alone that is removed from the body. But out of excessive desire, there is a tendency to overuse, leading to the reduction of the sexual vital fluid below the normal level and consequently the bio-magnetism decreases. Therefore, we have to maintain the sexual vital fluid at the normal level in order to maintain good physical and mental health.

The value of the sexual vital fluid in the human body and the art of maintaining it well in quantity and quality are not known to a majority of the people in the world. This ignorance causes a great deal of disturbance in the human society.

Besides excessive sex, there are several reasons for the depletion and contamination of the sexual vital fluid. There are four important activities for all people from childhood to old age. These are : eating, working, sleeping (resting) and using thought-force. For adults there is one more activity, viz, sexual gratification. These five activities should be maintained in moderation. Neglect, over indulgence or improper use of any one of these five will cause deficiency or depletion of bio-magnetism, which will in turn cause pain, disease or death according to the degree of depletion and short circuit. Sometimes by external forces also, such as storm, flood, lightning, volcanic eruption, etc., the bio-magnetic field will be affected. In order to regulate the disturbance of polarity and safeguard physical and mental well-being there is natural immunity to a certain level. When any disturbance goes beyond the natural immunity level ot it occurs repeatedly, the health of the individual will be the casualty.

Man has the potential to increase his immunity to a considerable extent by following a proper code of conduct in life and doing specific exercises.

Kaya Kalpa comprises two wonderful exercises: recycling of the sexual vital fluid and toning-up the nervous system. If these two are learnt and practised the immunity of the individual will be raised to a remarkable extent.

In my opinion, if this science of body-chemistry and the art of increasing the immunity against illness and the ageing process are taught in schools and colleges to all youngsters over the age of fourteen, the entire world will undergo a transformation and enjoy a harmonious and peaceful life by the improvement of physical and mental health and moral behavior.

The ageing process is an effect of the Earth’s rotation. The illustration on page 6 is a depiction of the Earth. The circumference of the Earth is about 25,000 miles and it rotates on its own axis at a speed of 1,042 miles per hour and takes 24 hours to complete one rotation. This rotation makes the sun appear to move across the sky from East to West determining day and night for us. Due to this self-rotation a centripetal force is generated. This is called the “Gravitational force”. It is on account of this force that the heavier elements are drawn towards the centre of the Earth and they settle in the Earth’s interior according to their respective densities, layer by layer, up to the surface. The core of the Earth is thus congested with very heavy elements and a constant huge fire is burning there. When this heat finds its way to the surface it becomes a volcano. Water which is lighter than solid stands on top of the igneous rock which forms the bottom of oceans. Air, being still lighter, stays above the Earth and forms the Earth’s atmosphere and is held to the Earth by gravity.

Now, consider man, living on the surface of Earth, Over millions of generations, through the evolutionary process, he has acquired an upward force of life-energy that will enable him to grow up to about six feet. His maximum life-span is 120 years. Upto 40 years of age the strong velocity of the life-force keeps his physical cells resistant to the gravitational pull of the Earth. From 40 to 80 years of age good maintenance of the life-force is possible only if the activities such as food, work, rest, sex and use of thought force are not neglected or over-indulged or abused. Generally in the last stage, that is 80 to 120 years, the life-force declines and the physical body also weakens as a consequence.

Man is on the Earth and he is not exempt from the operation of Nature’s laws due to the rotation of the Earth. The five layers of man’s body, (similar to Earth’s) are solid, liquid, heat, air and energy (life-force), each of which is lighter than the previous one; for example, air lighter than heat, and energy is the lightest of the five. The physical cells, being the heaviest, are constantly pulled towards the Earth due to gravity; life-force, being the lightest, is constantly thrown up and drawn away from the body. It is almost like a wedge being driven between the body and the life-force; the cleavage becomes wider with every passing day. The downward pull on the physical cells stops within the body but the life-force is recouped and maintained sufficiently only according to the quantity and quality of the sexual vital fluid.

Why Do We Age?

With age the production of sexual vital fluid becomes less and less and correspondingly the quantum of life-force and the intensity of bio-magnetism are reduced. Eventually the polarity between the cells is weakened causing the loss of integrity of the whole structure. This is the ageing process.
Ageing signifies that the stock of life-forces is being reduced because the secretion of the sexual vital fluid is coming down. After 40 years of age the surplus of the sexual vital fluid is reduced. With few exceptions, after 80 years of age there is almost no excess production of the sexual vital fluid but only just enough to maintain the body. So, the life-force is being daily thrown away from the body, and its container, the sexual vital fluid, is slowly reduced in quantity as we grow older. Gradually all the nerves and muscles become loose due to the pull of gravity and old age comes into being. As the stock of the life-force is reduced, the intensity of the bio-magnetism in the body is correspondingly weakened. Therefore, by the exhaustion of the life-force and bio-magnetism, the body-function gradually slows down and finally ceases with death as the eventual result of old age. To sum up, two factors are at work in ageing:
(1) the cells of the body are being drawn or pulled towards the Earth and
(2) decrease in the stock and quality of the sexual vital fluid

Victory for Mankind

Having identified the factors that cause ageing, what shall we do withstand it? We should find out ways and means
(1) to tone up the nerves and body to counteract the force of gravity; and
(2) to conserve and increase the sexual vital fluid which is the container of the life-force.
Kaya Kalpa Yoga is a simple exercise to tone up the nerves and recycle the sexual vital fluid by taking it back and storing it at the place of origin, viz., the brain. This exercise is indeed simple and hardly takes 7 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening. When this exercise is mastered, the loss of the sexual vital fluid is gradually reduced and so also the craving to excrete it. Potency is preserved and thoughts do not stray in the direction of indulgence. Actually a compulsive behaviour is overcome. Is this not a great victory for mankind?
Modern medicine is still not able to determine the exact moment of death. Cessation of breathing, pulse, heartbeat – all these, it is agreed, are not conclusive proof of death. Then how are we to certify that life has become extinct in a person? Only when the sexual vital fluid is completely excreted does death come to an individual. For then, there is no container to hold the life-force. The battery having been wrecked, where is the question of current? Conversely, death cannot claim a person if he/she is able to conserve the sexual vital fluid.

Spiritual Development

In addition to the physical well-being, there is significant spiritual benefit. The sexual energy is transmuted into spiritual energy by directing it to the “crown chakra”. The enlightenment of consciousness, which is the purpose of life, is achieved naturally and gradually. The temperamental moods in man’s personality, such as greed, anger, miserliness, immoral sexual passion, vanity and vengeance get sublimated. Moral behaviour and spiritual awareness prevail for the happiness and welfare of all.

To sum up, Kaya Kalpa Yoga is a precious gift to mankind. The practise enables and equips one to maintain physical and mental health, further spiritual development and rejuvenate the physical body to withstand the ageing process. The practice will benefit everyone, regardless of sex, race, religion, caste, to enjoy a happy and energy life.