Nj Edison Kids Yoga

New Jersey Edison Township Rec – FREE Kids Yoga Online

Be blessed by the Divine!!!


Every Tuesday
Jan 4th to Mar 29th – 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM EST

It’s completely FREE. This session is designed for kids aged between 8 to 14 and it’s a great opportunity to engage all our kids during this Pandemic period.

This session would enable our kids to

Physically Fit Grow with Virtues

Build Immunity

Grow with Virtues

As a parent, we must give these 3 things (at least) to our kids

Education (Definitely we all give that)



SKY NJ guarantees that this session would enable all kids to have great health and follow virtues.
SKY NJ Will provide a Yoga Completion Certificate who attended regularly and practiced well.
The session will be led by SKY Master and SKY NextGen Young Masters in English. Requesting all parents to share with your friends/neighbors who can be benefited.

You would see the ZOOM meeting details once you completed registrations. Pl make a note of these details. Also, you may receive mail as well with zoom details.

Requesting all parents to register with one UNIQUE GMAIL Id for each kid. If you have 2 kids and both of them are attending the session, you must do 2 registrations with 2 different mail IDs.

Parents also can join the session and learn simplified yoga.

Registration is mandatory

For more info, please mail us at skynewjersey@gmail.com

To get Kids Yoga Online session details and activities on a daily basis and you have not joined yet in anyone of this WhatsApp group, please join the WhatsApp group here

Stay Healthy!! Stay Optimistic!!
Be Blessed by the Divine.!!!

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